Cut Through The Clutter In A Digitally-Saturated World

I am a digital girl. I love “techy” stuff. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest products and I love that you can find whatever your heart desires online – even a husband, like I did. Hehe. I can’t tell you how much I love the accessibility of it all and that I can […]

Web designa and graphics

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Accurate and memorable communication is a key element to the success of any business. If your audience or potential client is not clear on what your business is all about, your company will not succeed in generating leads or building growth. Of course the are many ways of conveying a message through words, phrases and […]

Hitting the Bullseye: How Targeting Works in a Direct Mail Campaign

One of the reasons direct mail marketing campaigns are so successful is because they are targeted carefully to reach the most relevant audience. Effective targeting not only brings in more qualified leads which turn into sales, but also optimizes your marketing spend. With DBM direct mail campaigns you can target granularly, well beyond the zip […]

Building a Targeted Direct Mail Campaign Strategy

Marketing is the intersection of education and persuasive allure. However, some businesses view advertising as shouting into a New York City intersection. To those that do, they will not see results. They will grow tired and frustrated. Marketing expert, Elizabeth Gardner, captured this tension very well in her talk. She said, “It’s hard to target […]

Direct Mail Packs A Punch

Direct Mail Packs A Punch Direct mail is more relevant than ever and is the champion in integrated marketing efforts across the board. Sure, we are in a digital age but that does not mean that direct mail is on its way out by any means. Direct mail offers a more intimate form of communication. […]

A Look Forward at Direct Marketing

2016 was a good year for direct mail. Standard Mail volume had flattened out for the last couple of years and finally showed some growth in 2016. No doubt some of that was from a very active political year, but even without that there would have been year over year growth. Nobody wants to admit […]

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