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DBM Inc. is a direct mail, digital marketing, and creative firm that gets results. With more than 27 years as an industry leader, we know what works, and we know that direct mail continues to serve as the champion in most multi-channel marketing plans. It’s targeted, personal, active, tactile and lasting. As the name suggests, it’s the only media channel that physically allows you to place your message in your customers’ hands getting them actively involved. By integrating targeted direct mail into your marketing mix, you can really make a memorable impression, which translates to more brand recognition, more qualified prospects, more traffic and more sales.

It’s all about hitting the right targets


At DBM we have a unique and personal understanding of the local target areas, and we have used that knowledge to create MetroDirect, our exclusive proprietary database. This one-of-a-kind list allows you to target below the zip code level and choose specific apartment, condominium, townhome or single family home communities. The distinct format, quality and integrity of our MetroDirect list is truly something you cannot find anywhere else.


Sometimes the best list for you involves adding certain demographic selects such as age, income, gender, etc. Through our experience, we have found the best data compilers to partner with, housing lists of over 210 million consumers updated monthly, including the most comprehensive demographics and lifestyle information available. Rest assured, we will create the perfect target list that is best suited for your product.


You’ve spent a great deal of time collecting data for your company and we can help you sort through that information to ensure you’re using your data effectively. We can clean up your list, eliminate duplicates, merge and purge it with other lists, CASS certification the addresses, and apply NCOA (National Change Of Address). Your list is your “secret weapon” and is even more powerful with the aid of DBM.

This is how we roll

We offer integrated marketing solutions that work. Our team is experienced, creative, passionate and versatile. Using a customized approach, we will work as an extension of your marketing team or ad agency from start to finish. The one-on-one customer service that you’ll receive insures that you are heard, a precise marketing strategy is executed for your business, your work is done within budget on schedule, and best of all – you achieve maximum results.

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*Success metrics from the 2017 DMA Response Rate Report. Direct Mail Cost includes list use, mail processing and postage cost. DBM can create your mailer or emailer for an additional charge.