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The rising cost of postage doesn’t have to eat up your direct mail budget. By merging and sorting your direct mailers, you earn significant postal discounts – sometimes saving as much as pennies per piece! We also verify every delivery. Within 24 hours of each mailing, we’ll email you a U.S. Postal Service receipt verification form that confirms date of mailing, amount of postage paid, and quantity mailed.

Each list qualifies for discounted rates for automated (deepest discount), non-automated, or straight 1st class based on list qualifications for CASS certification, barcoding and presorting. In order to maximize your postage discounts, please refer to the size and weight regulations below when designing your mailers.

Mailing must contain at least 200 pieces per carrier route if presort or barcode.



Mailing must contain at least 500 pieces per carrier route if presort or barcode.


Mailing must contain at least 200 pieces per carrier route if presort or barcode.


ASPECT RATIO (applies to LETTER size only)
In addition to the sizes listed above, all LETTER size postcards must fall within the proper aspect ratio (between 1.3 and 2.5) or an additional postage surcharge will be applied. The aspect ratio is calculated by taking the length of the postcard and dividing it by the height.


*Since actual rates may vary depending upon many variables, please give us a call to discuss your campaign objectives, design, and approach well before it reaches print so that we can help you take full advantage of current postal rules and regulations that can maximize your savings.

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