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At DBM we have a unique and personal understanding of the local target areas, and we have used that knowledge to create MetroDirect, our exclusive proprietary database. MetroDirect is a one-of-a-kind list that allows you to target below the zip code level and choose specific apartment, condominium, townhome or single family communities based on rent range, current market value, year built and length of residency.

Research is key, and as part of our MetroDirect service, we can compose a buyer or traffic profile, which is a customized report showing a breakdown of the communities your customers currently live in or have recently moved from, and the average home values or rents within those communities. This allows us to compile the best list for you and maximize your results.

The unique format, quality and integrity of our MetroDirect list is truly something you cannot find anywhere else.


Sometimes the best list for you involves adding certain demographic selects such as age, income, gender, etc. We begin with a personal consultation of your desired targets and direct mail objectives and proceed by obtaining a target list that is best suited for your product. Our acquisition partners house lists of over 210 million consumers compiled and updated monthly from the leading sources in the industry, including the most comprehensive demographics and lifestyle information available.


You’ve spent a great deal of time collecting data for your company and we can help you sort through that information to ensure you’re using your data effectively. We work diligently to clean-up your list. We can reformat, eliminate duplicate names and addresses, merge and purge it with other lists, utilize CASS certification to the addresses, and apply NCOA (National Change Of Address). After sorting through your list, we organize it based on post office carrier routes to ensure that you receive the deepest postage discount available for your mailing. Your list is your “secret weapon” and is even more powerful with the aid of DBM!

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DBM Inc. is a direct marketing, communications and creative agency, servicing B2C and B2B clients in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas since 1990, and recently expanding into Austin, TX in 2013.

We are a small firm with big ideas and a bigger punch when it comes to your ROI.

Why should you team up with us? It’s simple, bigger is not always better… The one-on-one customer service that you receive from us insures that you are heard, a precise marketing strategy is executed for your product and/or service, and your work is done within budget and schedule.

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