Brand Strategy

It’s not just about reaching your target market but about conveying to them that you are the “only one” that can provide a solution to their problem.


Your brand is a promise. It tells your target market what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors.
Your brand is derived from your who, what, where, when and WHY. It’s a journey of discovery and it can be difficult, at times all consuming and it requires you to answer some tough questions. Together, we can make it happen. We’ll discuss your company’s mission, the benefits and features of your products or service, what do folks think of your company to-date and what qualities do you want to associate with your company. And there’s fun to be had! Branding is an adventure. We’ll motivate you, push you a bit and support your ideas. We’ll then make the magic happen and package it into your WOW moment to showcase your bad-a** brand.


Today’s media landscape is diverse, to say the least. It’s broadcast, cable and streaming; it’s online, tablet and smartphone; it’s video, rich media, social media, branded content, banners, apps, in-app advertising and interactive technology. And the list goes on and on. Simply said, it’s how you reach your customer and express your brand. Our core philosophy is to provide our clients with creative media insights and innovative solutions that will stretch precious media dollars with the goal of delivering optimal return for every dollar invested. Beyond that, the value of our media team’s abilities to deliver extends to the superb professional relationships built and maintained with media representatives and the beneficial byproducts of those relationships. As your advertising “partner,” this is a key component of what we expect to do for you.


There are misconceptions about what messaging really is. Messaging differentiates you, whatever you want to do in the world, you need influence to make your voice count. You need authority to lead. And that has to come from somewhere, right? In the simplest terms, a messaging platform is permission. It’s the right to speak to a group about a certain topic. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with wanting that. If you have something worth saying, you want people to hear it. A platform amplifies and legitimizes your message. It gives you authority to influence. Without one, you’re just another voice in a crowd of noise.


Integrated marketing is the holistic approach to communication in marketing. It’s our job to make sure that you are being consistent in your marketing both online and offline. Consistency is key in making sure that consumers understand your marketing message which leads to a great result and return on your investment. The integrated marketing helps by optimizing the spend whether online or offline and putting the right number of dollars towards the most effective approach. It’s aligned with advertising and media and through testing, we quickly find the most successful, integrated approach to reach your target market.

This is how we roll

DBM Inc. is a direct marketing, communications and creative agency, servicing B2C and B2B clients in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC areas since 1990, and recently expanding into Austin, TX in 2013.

We are a small firm with big ideas and a bigger punch when it comes to your ROI.

Why should you team up with us? It’s simple, bigger is not always better… The one-on-one customer service that you receive from us insures that you are heard, a precise marketing strategy is executed for your product and/or service, and your work is done within budget and schedule.

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